A tattoo can be a stunning image on the skin especially for an individual putting it on for the first time. But as time goes by, one might decide to remove it to put another one or to erase the ink completely from the skin. For anyone carrying the heavy burden of tattoo regret, finding a professional tattoo remover is town can be an excellent idea. That’s the only way to kiss a tattoo goodbye without experiencing any complications. But finding the right tattoo removal expert in town is never an easy task. The tattoo removal industry has evolved over the past few years, and most clinics have advanced in technology with changing times. Before making any decision on which clinic to visit, someone with a tattoo should know what to look for in a clinic, so as to get the safest treatment possible. Here are five important factors to consider before choosing a tattoo removal clinic.

1. Level of Training and Experience

Laser tattoo removal doesn’t work the same way as other laser treatments. This means tattoo removal experts have to undergo special before they can undertake any procedure. For anyone to experience results with minimal pain and hassle, choosing a laser tattoo removal professional with specific training is paramount. Before booking an appointment with a tattoo remover, it can be necessary to browse through clinic’s website or call the clinic to find out the kind of training the medical staff has gone through in tattoo removal. Again, it is important to ask oneself how long the laser tattoo removal clinic or facility has been in operation. With a health care provider or technician who has more than five years of experience, one can be sure of enjoying the most reliable tattoo removal services.

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2. Professional Certification

Apart from a tattoo removal professional having the right training, it is important for one to ensure the clinic he or she visits has the proper licenses and certifications. That guarantees tattoo owners of high-quality treatment and safety as well. Some important questions one should ask before going for tattoo removal include; is the clinic fully certified? What types of laser does the clinic use? Does the clinic apply active cooling methods? Or does it specialize in the particular laser tattoo removal procedure? There are plenty of lasers in the market today which work differently. A tattoo owner shouldn’t be bothered by the type of laser to be used, but rather it’s better to ask whether or not it is FDA approved. Different types of lasers are designed for use on various persons, skin types and tattoo removal. With the right skill, a certified tattoo remover can combine several lasers to ensure safe and complete removal of the tattoo.

3. Type of Consultation

One of the most important factors to consider before performing the removal is finding out whether the clinic provides in-depth consultation. The point here is during consultation; the professional can explain the process of tattoo removal and even provide realistic expectations and the pros and cons that will result from the procedure. A consultation helps one make an informed decision, and if he or she feels uncomfortable or pressured, then it can only be reasonable for the person to drop the procedure. Every decent clinic will require those interested in tattoo removal to go through initial consultation so as to establish the specific needs before starting treatment.

4. Application of Cooling Methods

During the tattoo removal procedure, all lasers target the skin by generating some heat which might result in discomfort. And as a way of protecting the skin and reducing pain and discomfort, the majority of clinics apply active cooling before, during and after every session. Hence before the beginning of any tattoo removal process one should ensure there’s either:

– An excellent cold air skin chiller in place
– Passive cooling substances like ice packs

Ideally, all serious skin tattoo removal clinics should have the active cooling systems in place. And while ice packs might be a viable cooling method, skin chillers are applied for more protection as well as comfort to the skin.

5. The Right Pricing

When it comes to laser tattoo removal, the kind of laser removal used largely determines the price to be charged. One has to compare between nanosecond and microseconds to find a trade-off. While a nanosecond laser removal is less expensive and requires more treatments, a microsecond is pricier and takes fewer treatments to complete. The majority of tattoo removal clinics use almost the pricing structure. Professional tattoo removers usually charge on a per square basis, with parameters set for minimum and maximum prices per treatment. What this means is, whatever the tattoo owner pays will be calculated as cost per square inch and subsequently multiplied the total number of treatments needed. That’s why it’s important for any tattoo wearer to look at:

– The tattoo removal technology used in the treatment

– The overall cost for all the treatment sessions

– The number of tattoo removal treatment sessions or time is taken for treatment to be complete

Another important fact that comes into play here is the payment methods or options that laser clinics use. While some laser tattoo removal treatment might cost from as low as $90, there are others that can extend up to $1200 and more. A tattoo wearer might be willing to go for a quality treatment that takes lesser number of treatment sessions but might not have the whole amount to pay. In this case, it can be reasonable to go for clinics that offer friendly payment plans that will help the tattoo wearer pay slowly till the treatment is entirely complete. Hence comparing the payment plans among the available clinics is something necessary for anyone who wishes to have the tattoo removed while he or she pays slowly or using other financing options.

If a tattoo is becoming a nuisance to the skin, then the most viable thing for the wearer to do find an experienced tattoo removal expert in town. Specialized treatment is as important as finding the right tattooist. Not only should the clinician be certified and experienced but should also be proficient in the user of lasers in performing the tattoo removal procedure. And while the pricing of each laser tattoo removal might differ, the laser one chooses must be of a given standard to help successfully remove a tattoo without causing damage or significant discomfort to the skin. Before going for any procedure, it is important first to undergo consultation so as to know what to expect, the cost of the laser treatments available and the overall quality of the treatment.