Hair Removal On This Morning - It's Smooth, Sleek And Sexy

Doing beauty on TV can be tricky; there is simply nothing more boring than a beauty editor sitting around a table talking about products. Instead you need to see them in action, which is why we roped five gorgeous rugby players from Richmond Rugby Club to test the latest hair removal products.

And this item couldn’t have been further from a desk chat, as the guys threw me around, lifted me up to catch the ball and generally ribbed me senseless.
Live on The Southbank on July’s sunniest day we lined up Andy M, Paul, Dellus, Andy C and Tom, each with a new hair removal kit and gave them seven minutes to put them to the ultimate test (well certainly the hairiest).

Andy M tested the Venus Radiance £8.99

This wet razor takes a battery to make it gently vibrate. This exfoliates the skin and lifts the hair so it can be shaved off closer to the skin. It worked quickly, effectively and left Andy’s skin super smooth, the only downside is the quick regrowth.

Paul tested the Philips Santinelle Ice Premium £65 

This epilator features a unique skin cooler ice pack that numbs the area before the hair is extracted; you simply pop it in the freezer for an hour and then clip it in place and off you go. But it still made macho Paul squeal like a girl. Maybe because this epilator also promised to get hair as short as 0.5mm; in fact the boys backstage were using it to chase each other around. After the fuss, it did however leave Paul’s skin quite smooth and the effects obviously would last for around a month.

Andy C tested Nair 3 minute Sensitive Gel Cream £6.49

This is the fastest working hair removal cream around; promising to work in less than three minutes. And it worked well, even on courser male hair, leaving Andy’s skin super smooth with results that should last up to a week. No wonder this came out tops in our test.

Dellus tested Veet Wax Strips for sensitive skin £5.99

These wax strips contain Vitamin E and Almond Oil, to sooth sensitive skin and are really easy to use. You simply warm them between your hands, peel apart and use, then put back together, rewarm and then reuse. We think that there are only just enough for two lower legs in each pack, but they worked well, despite the fact that they left the skin a little tacky to touch and did make Andy flinch more than a couple of times.

Tom tested the Parissa 2 in 1 Roll-on body sugar £19.99

This very clever roll on applicator delivers a smooth, even strip of body sugar to minimise mess, and comes with material strips to rip out the hair. Ten seconds in a microwave ensured the sugar was soft enough and pliable enough to work well, and the liquid applicator means that it grips even short hair. This really is a kit worth mastering and is makes home sugaring simple and fast. What’s more you can wash away any bits left behind because sugar is water soluble.


Needless to say the test fast turned into a torture session as Ruth lined up to pull off wax and sugar strips, wield the epilator to great effect and generally show the guys that hair removal is not as straightforward as it looks. After the test was over and we came off air I thought the guys might run for their lives, but no they proceeded to carry on removing all the hair from the rest of each left leg with the Nair Cream; showing surprising enthusiasm for the whole project. You see rugby players are not as macho as you think.


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