Get the Undone Look

James Brown is Kate Moss’s best friend and the man responsible for her messy undone do. Which means he is the man we have to thank for bringing messy back, the reason we can roll out of bed, ruffle our hair and go. Well, almost.

‘I’d best describe Kate’s style as rock & roll Bardot. Marianne Faithful in the Sixties popularised this look and Kate has reinvented it for a new generation. It’s undone but ultra feminine, spontaneous and sexy.

‘Kate’s hair embodies what I wanted my hair care range to be about – simple, naturally looking sexy hair,’ he told me about his new products.

But as most of us don’t look like Kate, I wanted to know how to get that undone look. ‘It’s a really easy style to do at home because there s not a huge amount of complicated styling,’ James confided.

1 – ‘I blow dry her hair on a low level heat and speed with her head upside down, blasting the hair from all different directions to rough up the cuticles of the hair. I always use my hands at this stage rather than a brush.’

2 – ‘The head comes up and I backcomb the entire crown of the head using a touch of hairspray on my fingertips which I rub through the roots and a wide tooth comb.’

3 – ‘I brush through the hair over and over again using a Mason and Pearson natural bristle brush. And I use hairspray to achieve that all important root lift. Spray it onto your fingertips and then use your fingers to push up the roots at the crown of the head.’

4 – ‘Take a little of the styling balm and rub it between from your fingertips into the palm of your hands and rub the hair at the back of the head with the palm of your hand to create root lift on the crown, for that Bardot look, then comb over and tease out.’



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