Calling All Beauty Experts!

We can do it

I spent an afternoon last week at The Princess Alice Hospice in Esher chatting to staff and patients as well as the local papers to try to get more beauty experts to volunteer their time. Why, you might ask, does a hospice need beauty therapists, hairdressers, make-up artists, as well as complimentary and massage specialists? Because there is nothing like being pampered to lift your spirits and make your day.

Look Good Feel Great is a new initiative at the Hospice and so my good friend John Scott and I offered to help raise awareness of the good cause. We joined two beauty therapists from The Beauty Salon in Hinchley Wood, who offered mani and pedis, as well as Keliagh who, as well as working as part of the Day Hospice Team, is also trained as a make-up artist.

Princess Alice Hospice

But we need more volunteers and so I am putting a call out to all of the beauty companies and their teams, many of whom I know read this blog. It's a great chance for trainee make-up artists to practice and help out, and for trained complimentary therapists, hairdressers and beauty therapists to work with the Day Centre patients many of whom are coming to terms with illness and simply want to ask advice, be pampered and to look and feel better about themselves.

And to the big beauty brands out there, I am sure you could volunteer some trained make-up artists and hairdressers for just a day a month. The look on the patients' faces is worth the time and effort alone.

If you would like to volunteer time, staff or product donations you should call Julian O'Kelly or Keliagh Parsons on 01372 461802. Princess Alice Hospice is a registered charity and with limited NHS assistance over 75% of its funding is raised through voluntary donations and fundraising.


I think this is a wonderful cause. Everyone deserves to feel pampered. Especially during our last days. I love that they applied makeup and fixed hair. Do you know what type of cosmetics were used? Was it colloidal silver products? I hope you are able to find more volunteers for this wonderful cause! Good luck!

Hi NadineGreat article, the patients had an amazing time and really enjoyed the day.Whilst the Hospice does provide care to those within the Weybridge and Walton area the actual building is located in Esher.So any lovely beauty volunteers will have to come to Esher.The Hospice has a huge catchment area which includes Surrey, Middlesex and parts of South West London.The charity provides care to a huge volume of people and expects to care for over 2,600 patients and their families in the next year.Thanks for everything you and John did to support this great initative.RegardsD M HutchingsCommunication OfficerPrincess Alice Hospice.

Nadine, hats off to you!! I have done permanent cosmetics for a cancer patient who couldn't bear the idea of losing her eyebrows. It was so gratifying that I put the word out in my community that I offer my services free of charge for cancer patients. You are doing great work!Cheers,Laura

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