Rescue Lounge New York

If you ever go to NY then forget the dime a dozen nail bars on every street corner and head to Rescue, where you will get the best mani pedi combo in The World. Heaven.




I only recently read that transmission of verrucas via pedicure is a big problem, and that women should always take along their own tools when they go for a pedi. Have you ever had this happen to you, or know that it is such an issue? Which salons in London do you think would be a safe bet for pedicures (I've only had them in Beverly Hills and am now a bit afraid to deviate from my tried and tested salon over there!)?

You can not only get verrucas but also toenail fungus from dispreputable pedicurists. The simple rule is make sure you see the tools come from a sterilising unit before they are used on you. I can recommend both Bliss in Sloane Street and Leighton Denny in Harrods Urban Retreat if you are London based, and also OPI trained salons nationwide. Watch out for my pedi do's and don'ts coming in June.

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