My Date With Hugh Laurie




In case you haven’t heard the news Hugh Laurie is the new face of L’Oreal. Yes this means that he joins Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker, Eva Longoria, Cheryl Cole ... the list goes on. Why, you might ask, would a crinkled 52 year old Brit be the face of a new men’s skin care cream?  Because, in a stroke of marketing and advertising genius, L’Oreal have realised that he can charm the world into buying an anti ageing moisturiser, just like he charmed every beauty editor last night at The Savoy.




Ok, at this point I can admit that I technically wasn’t on a ‘date’ with Hugh, well not unless you call being in a room of fifty adoring members of the UK press together with Hugh a date. But a girl can dream, can’t she? He was utterly adorable, like a charming, well mannered but fiercely intelligent puppy dog – and yes I did want to take him home.




He took to the stage mumbling an apology about how ridiculous it was that he should be modelling a face cream, and then looked up and with aplomb and confidence won over every single person in the room. That’s real X factor for you. And that’s what L’Oreal has tapped in to, and it really is very, very clever of them.


Take a look at the ad; it’s funny, self effacing, charming, and witty, self deprecating but also searingly clever – just like the man himself. I wonder how much input he had into the concept? Because, in my opinion, very few cosmetics companies are confident enough to gently to poke fun at their own industry. Yet this ad is so brilliantly self aware that it subverts the whole genre of ‘buy this cream and your life will be fabulous’ men’s cosmetics ads.





And guess what – no airbrushing of that wonderfully craggy and sexy face? So I say three cheers to L’Oreal and raise a glass to Hugh Laurie – now please L’Oreal, sign Helen Mirren and do the same thing for women of a certain age the world over.


·         L’Oreal Men Expert Vita Lift Complete Anti Ageing Daily Moisturiser £12.99.



Great article, and the video is awesome. You're so lucky to have met Hugh. I'm more than half his age but would LOVE to take him home with me too!

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