My Celebrity Crush

I met Sarah Jessica Parker on Friday and I am smitten. Not only by her cropped black trousers, diamonds, impossibly high Louboutin patent courts and her Serge Normant frisky ponytail, but by her smart and sweet nature. Now of course she is an actress, so she might be acting, but I am a sucker for anyone who is smart and self effacing, stylish and sassy, and not model perfect.

SJP was in town to launch Covet her second scent and although it won’t hit counters until August, it’s a very interesting scent, and not your usual boring, bland celebrity smell.

With top notes of wet greens, geranium leaves, lemon, lavender and chocolate, you know you are smelling something distinctly daring, but get to the vetiver and cashmere base and you have a fougere, a scent more common in male fragrances than women’s. Or as one person described it a fougere on oestrogen.

Sarah Jessica’s inspiration was a geranium oil she found in a NYC apothecary. In her words, ‘All dirt and green stem and leaf, unusual but beautiful,’ this was then analysed by the chemists and put together with other notes to soften it. The end result is different and beautiful, and so much more fitting for SJP than her last scent.




The ad is a Jean Paul Goude triumph, with her breaking in to a jewellers in Paris’ Place Vendome at night to grab the flacon, smashing the window by kicking it with a red soled Louboutin’s, and then being carted away by the gendarmes. ‘I had to have it’ is the tag line. Slightly mad, and filmed with a wry sense of humour, SJP was inspired by Chanel L’Egoiste ad, also by Goude.

With make up by Stephane Marais, hair by Serge Normant, and a dress created by Christian Lacroix, I couldn’t help but say to her that it must be good being Sarah Jessica Parker. Well apart from the fact that her car was rear ended by over enthusiastic British paps on her way to meet us.

At long, long last a celebrity scent that dares to be different, deserves to be a success and with a wonderfully creative ad to match. You see I have a celebrity crush.


  • Sarah Jessica Parker’s Covet from £23, will be in stores in August.


As Jen said you are very lucky Nadine, Sara Jessica Parker's smile is always special to me and I know she has more fans because of her sweet nature but your real life experiences are proving about it. Thank you for sharing.

I also find Sarah very indearing. I watched her on Oprah when she was showing off her new clothing line and I...1. Wondered how she walked in those high heels that looked comparable to a skyscraper and 2. Wondered if she was acting because she was so humble and down to earth--something unheard of in the world of celebrities, especially one of her stature.You are so lucky to have met her. :)

Oh, you are so so lucky Nadine, SJP is one of my idols, and I'm thrilled to hear she's every bit as charming as she seems to be.I'm not usually a fan of celebrity perfumes, but might give this one a sniff or two. Love the sound of the advert-tres chic!J x

I am currently living part-time in Cincinnati, where SJP is from, and the locals say she is always sweet and unaffected when she's in town to visit her mom. Also, my father met her in the 1990s at the Golden Globe Awards and got her autograph for me, whereupon she told him, "You're such a good dad to do this for your daughter!" (He said she looked too skinny and strung-out, but I'm not surprised: I have never known men and women to argue more over whether or not a woman is beautiful than they do with SJP. I think she makes the most of what she's got, which is what counts.)

My sister and I met SJP several years ago, while she was in London promoting her first fragrance.She was utterly beautiful - surprisingly so - and completely charming. We were both smitten, too. I think most people would be!

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