February 2008

Calling All Beauty Experts!

We can do it

I spent an afternoon last week at The Princess Alice Hospice in Esher chatting to staff and patients as well as the local papers to try to get more beauty experts to volunteer their time. Why, you might ask, does a hospice need beauty therapists, hairdressers, make-up artists, as well as complimentary and massage specialists? Because there is nothing like being pampered to lift your spirits and make your day.

Can Can and Kissing At This Morning

It has been all leg and lips on This Morning and this past week I have presented two beauty tried and tested product trials. First up a group of models tested the latest long lasting lip colours for me, and then a group of high kicking and whooping Can Can dancers tested instant fake tans.


How To Look Good Naked

Spice Girls by Mike Owen

Bafta Beauty

Baftas 2008

There are high maintenance and low maintenance women and, much as I try to be the former, inevitably I leave it all too late, fail miserably and become the latter. I realise this every time I am invited to a red carpet event and Sunday night was no exception at the Baftas.

Luckily I was invited by the King Of The Red Carpet Nicky Clarke, so at least my hair looked good courtesy of his team backstage at The Dorchester where Sunny blow dried and Velcro rollered my hair to within an inch of its fragile life.