November 2007

The No Scream Cream

Waxing hurts, it does and never let anyone tell you otherwise. Some of us have higher pain thresholds than others, but it still hurts and many a time I have wanted to thump my beauty therapist in return to even the score. Which is why I was fascinated when No Scream Cream landed on my desk.

Do Plumping Lip Glosses Really Work?

I am a natural beauty sceptic. In other words unless I see a visible difference I don’t really believe a product works or is worth buying. This is why I am a mani pedi fan and not a facial fanatic; I like results and I like them right now. This is why I have always been sceptical of plumping lip glosses – until I had one applied to me.

Hair Free Forever?


I have something exciting to share with you – I am trialling a home hair removal laser. Yes you read that correctly; the first medical grade hair removal laser to use at home. It’s called Tria and I think it is actually working, visit