October 2007

No More Tangles And Split Ends

I have discovered a little hair miracle, a gadget that detangles without ripping the hair from your head in clumps or splitting and breaking it. The Tangle Teezer has super soft, flexible bristles that spring back and forth to encourage your hair to detangle itself. I know it sounds incredible but it works.

Truth In Beauty

If you want a nugget of truth in beauty then one of the best places to get it is a good beauty blog. Monthly glossy magazines rely heavily on advertising and so are rarely critical of any product or company (they simply leave it out); even weekend supplements are falling prey to the same economic restraints.

Going Elle For Leather

I am an olfactory outsider in the beauty biz. You see I don’t wear perfume. Oh yes I might have won a few Jasmine Awards in my time for writing about perfume, but I have never found one that is really me. And I am constantly frustrated in my search.

The Trauma Of Tipping

I am traumatised by tipping. Like most British people, I find the handing over of a few pound coins, or a crumpled note deeply embarrassing, no matter how many times I do it. And beauty tipping, well that is a minefield.

I learnt this on my first trip to NYC years and years ago when a Korean nail technician wouldn’t even touch my nails when she heard my British accent, stating, ‘I need payment and tip upfront, I know what you English people are like. And I want 20%, not just 10.’