August 2007

What Is Beautiful?

I found this beautiful video on You Tube and it made me start to think about what we really find, well, beautiful.

Take a look and see what you think. Obviously a lot of it reflects a bygone era of classical beauty, but it is still mesmerising. And if you love old movies, as I do, how many faces can you recognise and name?

Beauty Or Beast - Hair Extensions?

You don’t ever see beauty editors with hair extensions. We get offered them all of the time, along with eyelash extensions, spray on tans and fake nails; totally free of course in return for a glowing write up. But the truth is that beauty editors avoid hair extensions like some sort of beauty plague.

It's True, A Tan Makes You Better Looking

Hot beauty news alert. Having a tan really does make you look younger and more attractive. Now I know that we have all secretly suspected this, but new research by Olay Total Effects has proved it. How did they do this? Well, they photographed ten women with and without tans (fake ones of course) and then asked a panel of over 80 women and men to rate these faces in terms of attractiveness and age.

Come And Ogle The British Beauty Editors

If you have ever wondered if beauty editors really live up to their advice now’s your chance. Saturday September 8th is the first Beauty Editors Day at Selfridges on Oxford Street. Come along to The Beauty Hall and every British Beauty Editor will be there answering your questions and imparting advice.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall...

There was once an episode of cult US comedy Seinfeld where the eponymous hero dated a woman that he nicknamed Two Faced, and the older I get the more I am convinced that I am morphing into her. Two Faced is someone who looks great in one light and then truly awful in another. For me it’s not just about lights but mirrors too.

Does Your Skin Have Pore Relations?

It’s been a typical British summer. You wait for weeks on end for the warmer weather to hit, and then your face shines and your skin looks like the surface of the moon. And it’s sebum that’s to blame.

Does Mother Nature Really Know Best?

I am researching a feature on organic beauty for Hello! and it has got me thinking long and hard about the Nature versus Science debate when it comes to looking good. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I tend to put my trust in the hands of the men and women in little white coats, and am always enamoured by a research scientists, dermatologist or formulating chemists; it’s what comes from failing A Level Chemistry, I am forever in awe of anyone who can get their heads around those chemical equations.