May 2007

Beautiful Brides

May is the most popular month to get married and so many of my friends are getting hitched right now that I thought I should start to compile a bridal beauty guide. I am often asked to recommend bridal hair and make-up artists but the truth is that, unless they come personally recommended, I am loathe to suggest someone who is not up to scratch for the big day.

So I want your help. If you can recommend anyone who you have tried or had a friend try, then together we can start to help out women everywhere who want to be beautiful brides.

Beauty Or Beast – Fake Breasts

According to a survey of 1,500 British women considering breast augmentation, carried out by (yes a site with that name really exists) and, contrary to popular media myths, the women we least want to emulate when we consider going under the knife is Victoria Beckham and Jordan, instead preferring a more natural Charlotte Church type figure.

Miracle Make-Up Testing At This Morning

Yesterday we put all of the M's to the test on This Morning, that is Mineral Make-Up and Miracle Make Up … like the clever Revlon Eraser Pen, Model Co Lip Illusion Kit, Benefit Bad Gal Blue Mascara and Maybelline’s Sunglow Bronzing Drops. The former promise flawless faces in double quick time and the latter all fall into the category of, ‘Why hasn’t someone thought of that before?’ make-up, that promise miracles - but do they really work?

We put four mineral make-up powders to the test, giving my viewer panel just a minute to apply them live on air.

Put Your Freakum Face On

When it comes to karaoke my fellow beauty editors joke that I spend too much time listening to MTV Base, but the truth is that I find some of the videos so interesting to watch because the make-up in them is directional and beautiful. I remember Jennifer Lopez's make-up artist Scott Barnes once telling me that he had two days and seventeen make-up looks to do for her 'Ain't It Funny' video (every one was gorgeous). And if you don't believe me then take a look at this tease video for two of Beyonce's new songs Green Like and Kitty Kat.

Beauty Queens and Best Buys

Beauty awards are a little like beauty pageants, all smiles on the surface, but fiercely competitive underneath. And just last week we had the ultimate beauty product pageant, the CEW Awards, also known as the Beauty Oscars.

The Cosmetic Executive Women is a group of around 500 women involved in the British beauty business. Some journalists, beauty pr's, general managers and brands managers, women in beauty marketing and even product development who all get to vote for their favourite products, both launched in the last year and some all time beauty classics.