February 2007

Beauty At The Oscars

I spent a day last week doing radio interviews with the lovely Susan Baldwin of John Frieda giving our Oscar beauty predictions; lots of hair worn down in soft waves, perhaps even a return for straight, sleek hair, and blondes will be bigger and brighter than ever – and I am glad to say we were right. Well Susan has no excuse really as she works with a talented team that can name drop Madonna (who looked amazing at the after show parties), Nicole Kidman, Scarlett Johansen and Gwyneth Paltrow amongst their celebrity clients.

What Does Kate Moss Smell Like?

It came as no surprise to anyone in the beauty business when Coty announced that they had signed the world’s most notorious model Kate Moss to create her own signature scent. I mean Coty own Rimmel and Kate’s image has revolutionised that range and sent sales soaring.

Are Facials Really Worth The Money?

The average UK women spends a massive £185,528 on beauty in their lifetime, but I have a question to ask everyone - are facials really worth the money? In London they cost on average around £40 to £50 but can cost way, way over £100. I know they are pampering, well the best are, and you might if you have a great therapist even get an eyebrow tidy thrown in, but be honest, are they worth the money? I mean that’s nearly one half of a pair of Prada shoes for goodness sake.

Hair Raising Antics At This Morning

When we put something to the test on This Morning we tend to go the whole nine yards. We make our testers run through sand to test quick drying nail polish on their toes, have Philip Schofield fondle their legs to prove the effectiveness of hair removing gadgets, spray them with fire hoses to test waterproof make-up, and sit them in a sauna for hours on end to check which products are really sweat proof.

Backstage At The Brits

The Brits could not have been more different from The Baftas. Instead of Dame Mirren quaffing champagne there was Lily Allen drinking beer, and in place of the erudite and witty Sir Ian McKellen there was a whole selection of drunken, slurring and spitting white boys with guitars. I admit I did feel a little out of place, but then I spent more time looking for the pink hair of The Queen Of All Media Perez Hilton, than I did at the bands. 

Beyonce's Feeling Sporty

I am a fan so I am biased, but I love the fact that Beyonce has knocked some uber model off the cover of the all important Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. She’s not super skinny, she looks fabulous and she is infinitely more interesting and obviously far more talented than any model I have ever interviewed. Although to be honest I would have chosen a Pucci or Missoni bikini over House of Dereon, but you have to admire her devotion to her Mum’s clothing line.

Bafta Beauties

I was at The Baftas on Sunday night and so had a crash course in being high maintenance for a day. This started with a trip to my beloved Groom for a mani pedi with Karen who painted my winter fragile nails with Essie Power Lunch, and Lydia who performed miraculous high heel damage limitation with a scalpel, pumice and two coats of Berry Hard, before heading off to the grooming suites on the fifth floor at Claridges.

Steal Beyonce's Dreamgirls Look

If you have seen Dreamgirls you will know that the film is as much about the transformation of three women as it is about the singing. So a shout should go out to the very talented Francesca Tolot and Shutchai Tym Buacharern who created the make-up for the film.

Buacharern estimates the make-up department went through 30,000 pairs of lashes during the shoot and in some scenes each actress wore five pairs. ‘Thank God for Ardell and MAC,’ he says.

Strictly Smooth Legs

Beauty pr’s have to work so damn hard to look after beauty editors and their clients. Their clients want more column inches and product placements, and we beauty editors just want everything yesterday, including new product details, prices, images, quotations, statistics, r and d details, access to celebrity faces … the list goes on.