November 2006

Beauty Or The Beast - Red Lipstick?

Honestly who out there wears a full on red lipstick any more? Well apart from a few red carpet wonders like Scarlet Johansen, Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera and Madonna? I ask because every beauty company is promoting red lipstick right now and for me it is just too high maintenance.

Benefit Has A New Baby

What’s not to love about Benefit? Retro styling, brilliantly simple, cult, problem solving products all the way from San Francisco and an inbuilt sense of humour. This is why I popped along to the opening party of the new Benefit boutique just off Carnaby Street. Classic cocktails, free brow shaping and styling, and a chance to mingle with London’s most beauty-full people.

Going For Beauty Gold

Regular readers know how much I love Selfridges, and this Christmas they have added some extra bling to their beauty hall with a Golden Glamour event from 23rd November to 3rd December.

Lip Locking For A Good Cause

While lots of beauty companies may jump on the charity bandwagon – ok that’s me being cynical – MAC set the philanthropic standard with their stunning Viva Glam campaigns. For twelve years now they have given every penny from the sale of their Viva Glam Lipsticks and Lipglass glosses to Aids charities and garnered some great celebs to be the faces of the campaign.

How Much Do You Spend on Looking Good?

I have to ask because a Mintel survey was published last week that concluded that the average British women spends just £36 a year on make-Up. THIRTY SIX POUNDS A YEAR! I can’t quite believe it. Although I took some solace in discovering that French women only spend £32 a year and are supposedly better groomed, better looking and better at just about anything beauty related than us (a complete myth by the way). But still, I am flabbergasted.

Kylie's Darling New Project

She may be busy Down Under and about to re-start her much anticipated world tour, but that doesn’t stop the world’s favourite pop princess from launching Darling, her new scent today. Described as a Chypre Floriental (in other words it’s chock full of sandalwood and vanilla, with sweet fruit top notes and lots of lily) in all honesty it is really just a pretty, lightweight scent. And is it just me or does the bottle look like a bottom? Surely that can’t be a coincidence?

Moving In the Right Circles

Last night I went to a book launch with a difference. Move For Aids is a stunning collection of black and white shots of dancers, photographed by James Houston to raise funds for Aids charities. David Furnish and Elle McPherson hosted the event at London’s Koko night club and I was invited by the people at Hugo Boss who sponsored the event.

Beauty Or The Beast - Black Nail Polish?

I want your opinion on something – black nail polish. I know that as a beauty editor I am partly responsible for this trend (although not as responsible as Chanel Black Satin, of course). But I have to admit that I am not sure about black nail polish. Worn well it looks very chic, and Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Scherzinger of the PCDs have worn the look well. But in real life it so rarely looks the same. 

Find Your Celebrity Look A Like

We all secretly think that we look, or at least aspire to look, a little like one celebrity or another. My list includes Elle McPherson (she’s also five foot eleven), a young Meryl Streep (I was once papped going in to a restaurant by a short sighted photographer who thought I was the Oscar winner), Jennifer Lopez (we have similar big bottoms) and even Beyonce Knowles (ok ok, that’s just in my dreams). Which is why I love a site called where you can find your celebrity look a like.