August 2006

The Devil Wears It Well

I know it’s cruel of me to write about a film that doesn’t hit UK cinema’s until October 6th, but I couldn’t resists telling you about The Devil Wears Prada, the hotly anticipated expose of life on a US glossy magazine (ok, ok it’s supposed to be US Vogue and the editor is reportedly based on Anna Wintour). Ann Hathaway plays the wide eyed innocent fresh from out of town who goes to work as PA to the editor of the fashion magazine Runway.

Fancy Footwork

Beauty confession number two. Because of my addiction to very high heels, I suffer from terrible hard skin on my feet, and so spend an inordinate amount of time having pedicures. The trouble is that a pedicurist cannot by law scalpel away the heard skin (that’s a chiropodist’s job because they have the medical training to ensure you are in safe hands) so I often end up with pretty painted toes but heels that look like a Parmesan rind.

A Glazed Expression

When is a home hair colour not a home hair colour? When it’s a colour glaze. Now normally I shy away from home hair colourants because like most women I have had more than my fair share of HHCD’s (home hair colour disasters). I have had khaki hair, bright orange roots, and that hideous, not strong enough bleach, nothing like the packet, golden retriever colour. This is why I was sceptical about John Frieda Luminous Colour Glaze.

Tinted Love

If your make-up has been melting in the recent heat, then you will know that applying moisturiser and foundation to an already sticky skin is, well, horrid. This is why I forgo both in summer for a super lightweight lotion or serum (current favourite Biotherm Source Therapie) and a tinted moisturiser. I also keep both in the door of the fridge to make them cooler to apply (this keeps them cool, but not so cold they separate).

Best Online Beauty Sites

There is some controversy over internet beauty sites, as the largest cosmetics companies fight to gain some control over the pricing and selling environment of their prestigious products, however the best sites offer more than just somewhere to buy; they also offer skin care consultations, catwalk trends, expert advice and tips. Here are some of my favourite shopping sites, every one British based so you can buy with ease. Let me know about yours.