July 2006

My Secret Is Out


This is where I come clean, literally, and show you not only what I really look like first thing in the morning without make-up, but also the real reason I look ok when I finally make it on air at This Morning – it's all down to my make-up artist Jane Tyler.

Chic Clicks

Since writing my own beauty diary, I have discovered some great American sites. Why America? Because they often get beauty products before we do, and because they appear to be a nation of beauty addicts. Here are just some of my favourite style, fashion and beauty sites.

Blogdorf Goodman - This is a funny, irreverent look at NY style and life, with fabulous pictures including catwalk shots and archive pictures of beauty icons, as well as hot news of the latest American beauty buys.

Mastering The Art Of Bronzing

Done well it can instantly transform a pale, tried skin into a South of France complexion, but we all know of the bronzer addict who looks too orange. So I went in search of some professional advice from Bobbi Brown and Tom Pechaux – who between them can count Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman and a host of A-list models as their clients.

Here are their top tips: