June 2006

The Cutest Clicks

Writing my own beauty diary has certainly opened my eyes to the world of beauty blogs. Did you know that beauty is the fastest growing subject matter for diaries on the web? All I can say is that there are a lot of us beauty addicts out there. So I wanted to point you and your mouse in the direction of some of the best around.

The Sunscreen Scare

You can’t fail to have noticed that there has been a lot of conflicting reports recently about the use of sunscreens in cosmetics. Most dermatologist argue that we all need an SPF 15 face protection product every day to prevent the year round – yes even when cloudy – attack by the damaging UV rays of the sun.

Why? Because UV rays are your skin’s biggest enemy and the main cause of wrinkles, lines sagging, age spots and even skin cancer.

I Get My Hair Cut!

There are two things I dislike, the misuse of exclamation marks and getting my hair cut. But the latter, achieved successfully, means the use of the former, as I need to exclaim that I have found a sympathetic hairdresser who understands and respects my need to have long hair.

All A Flutter

If I had to take just one beauty product away with me on a desert island it would be mascara. But what makes a great mascara? Well surprisingly it’s not the mascara itself, it’s the brush.

The shape of the brush, or comb, determines if a mascara curls, separates, volumes or defines your lashes. However the mascara ‘juice’ will make it waterproof or lengthening.