May 2006

Are You Ready For Your Close Up?

High Definition TV might be something that us Brits are queuing for in readiness for The World Cup, but it has got a few A list Hollywood faces in a fluster because they’re not quite ready for their extreme close ups.

A few of my favourite skin things

When women, and quite a few men, find out what I do for a living, they instantly want to know what I use on my skin.

So here is a list of a few of my favourite things. They might not suit everyone, but after fifteen years in the business these are my hard core favourite that I know work.

At Kiehl's Birthday Bash

I love this NY beauty company, and so do all manner of celebrities, so to celebrate their birthday I was invited to the Covent Garden Store to raise a glass. Here I am with fellow beauty editors Jacqui Ripley (far left), Nicola Moulton of Vogue (far right) and my good friend Charlotte Adchavanich, who is now at Ralph Lauren in NYC


Rescue Lounge New York

If you ever go to NY then forget the dime a dozen nail bars on every street corner and head to Rescue, where you will get the best mani pedi combo in The World. Heaven.



A few of my favourite hair things

Having admitted my phobia of hairdressers you can imagine how many hair products I need to keep my long locks looking good? You can't, well read on as these are worth the space on any bathroom shelf because they do what they say on the tin/aerosol/bottle/tube.

Modelling for charity

I should have known that an invite for a night out with my good friend, and ITV Fashion Guru- John Scott would not be straightforward. It turned out that instead of a few glasses of champagne and gossip, we were to model for the Arthritis Care charity. Of course we couldn't take ourselves seriously, so this is us pretending to be America's next top models.

The end to split ends is nigh

I have a beauty confession to make. I hate having my hair cut. Ever since a very high profile TV hairdresser left me in tears when he attempted to give me a Rachel a few years back and I ended up with an ear skimming bob, I have suffered from a phobia of hair stylists.

While I will quite happily let Shaun Pulfrey at Richard Ward spend hours intricately colouring my hair, I flinch at even the sight of a pair of scissors. And, as a consequence, I have split ends and an addiction to hair serums. Until now, perhaps.

How much?

Just five years ago I went along to the launch of a skin care cream that cost over £100 and was I amazed that anyone would pay so much for a face cream; I mean that's a down payment on a pair of Prada shoes. But I was proved wrong. Today skin care creams regularly top the £300 price tag, so I had to find out how much skin care bang you get for your buck.


Phillip, Fern and my mum

Yes they really are as much fun, as genuine and as lovely as they are on camera, I promise. And to prove it here is a picture of Phillip and Fern with my mother when she visited This Morning recently. It made her day and now, like most women, she has a crush on the gorgeous Mr Schofield.


Nadine and Beyonce

I am a total R&B girl and so meeting Beyonce at the launch of her scent True Star with Tommy Hilfiger was great. However I did have to tread on a few toes, bribe a few very large security men, and make a complete fool of myself by gushing over enthusiastically about what a fan I was to her to get this picture. With us is my good friend Debbie, another beauty editor and big fan, but somehow she remained totally composed.