I'll Be Back

As Arnie once, infamously and iconically said 'I'll Be Back,'  and I will, I promise. Rather than a Site Under Construction sign I thought that I should post this explanation.


I am working hard (well my gorgeous geek Paul is) on my new site nadinebaggott.com. It will include all of this blog archived, plus links to my writing, my celebrity interviews, my TV appearances, a Youtube channel for vlogging and my Twitter. It's all a bit SkyNet to me, but nothing ventured nothing gained.


As soon it happens I will let you know.


Bad Beauty Blogger

I am a bad beauty blogger - I know it. I simply don't post often enough. Apologies but what with my five pages a week for HELLO!, the twice yearly 106pp Beauty Book and the occasional guest blog and (well you get the picture). I am a bad, bad, bad beauty blogger. So today I want to link through to some of those guest blogs.


I have written a piece for the brilliant MUA Kay Montano on lash growth serums both prescription and OTC/Cosmetic - I use Latisse and it really works. Combine it with a visit to Sue Marsh for a lash tint and voila long, dark and full lashes. Add some Masterpiece Max Mascara by Max Factor and you will never need false lashes again. Here's the link http://www.kaymontano.com/2012/01/27/why-fake-your-lashes-when-you-can-grow-them-nadine-baggott/


I have also started blogging for Carmine (yes they of the fab beauty boxes). The first blog is an introduction interview but gives an insight into how I became a beauty editor. From then on I wll be giving an honest review on each Carmine Beauty Box. http://blog.carmine.co.uk/2012/01/26/meet-carmines-newest-blogger-nadine-baggott/


And finally I am still blogging occasionally for The Sanctuary. I finally got around to visiting with my Mum and Sister late last year and wrote about their new treatment, the Detox Glacial Shells Massage. I must say, yet again, that for a great girly day out and value for money it is hard to beat. http://www.thesanctuary.co.uk/blog/2396/blowing-hot-cold/


Now my New Year's Resoution is to blog more often - I promise.


So What Is It Really That JO LOVES?


What makes a very successful, let’s face it, very rich, beauty entrepreneur start from scratch and create a new brand? I had to ask Jo Malone this when I met her because I have a theory that truly iconic business men and women are never driven by money but by the desire to create, to build and to succeed. And after two years of hard work, Jo is set to do all three again with the launch of Jo Loves.
On Monday the 7th of November the first Jo Loves fragrance launches online and in a pop up shop in Selfridges. I have known quite a lot about the four new scents since interviewing Jo Malone for a Fragrance Foundation event back in October, but was sworn to secrecy. So what can I tell you now?
There are four fragrances in the first collection that will roll out through the month of November. Jo has been working on them and the candles that are to follow for two years pouring her heart and creativity into the project. But what made her want to create again after selling her company to Estee Lauder nearly five years ago? ‘I was making my TV show and I was in a shed with one of my contestants advising them on their business and I suddenly had this overwhelming desire to create again. Not just a scent but a truly British brand. It was as if my passion had come alive again.’
The four scents are very typically Jo Malone, deceptively simple, easy to like and very wearable. They are all set to make the red and black box just as covetable as the iconic cream and black ones, but this time Jo is building a digital global village; selling online, through an Iphone App, in her Selfridges pop up store and, eventually, through a standalone store in central London. ‘Things have changed since I first created a brand,’ she told me. ‘Now I can put a picture online and send it to millions of people within seconds.’ And yes Jo really does her own tweeting and interacts on Facebook.
What’s more what you will experience in store via one of her scent pods will take you on a sensorial journey, voiced by Jo in her own words, explaining her inspiration for each scent. Think of it as a 3D IMAX, scratch and sniff film about scent but in a far more sophisticated and seductive art house cinema kind of way.
The first four scent are to be Pomelo, Green Orange and Coriander, Orange Tuille and Gardenia and are limited edition. When they sell out they sell out and will not go on sale again until Jo opens her flagship store sometime midway through 2012. So be warned, the wait list will be long and the elbows sharp in Selfridges in the coming weeks.
·         Pomelo is clean and crisp and smells, wel,l of Pomelo; a citrusy hybrid between a grapefruit and an orange and it is truly mouth watering. This is the smell of a summer holiday on The Med.
·         Green Orange and Coriander is also citrusy but also more soulful and crisp. This is one for the boys and girls and has a sexy dry down.
·          Orange Tuille is very flirty and feminine and was, Jo told me, inspired by the movement of a ballet dancer’s skirt. If this sounds strange, it isn’t, as this scent undulates between fresh and fun and flirty and floral.
·         Gardenia is simply that; a full on white floral scent that will win over any soft petal fragrance lover. This is a beautiful, rich and timeless scent.
Visit JoLoves and follow Jo on twitter @MeJoMalone

The Trials Of Being A Beauty Editor

... part one.

Having your picture taken with one of the world's most beautiful women.

See evidence below of me looking like a starstruck fool (not the first time). Need to take sultry smiling lessons from EH.


Beauty Editor Day At Selfridges


I had a great day on counter with the talented team at Laura Mercier last week raising funds and awareness of the brilliant beauty charity Look Good Feel Better. In case you don’t know about it LGFB runs beauty workshops at hospitals up and down the country offering advice for women who are undergoing cancer treatment. They help those women to come to terms with and to disguise the effects that chemo and radio have on their skin, hair and nails and it’s all funded by the beauty business. Hello! readers generously donated money so they could sit on counter, get the best mini make-overs and come to meet me and the Laura Mercier team. My ‘dance card’ was fully booked and I had some of the loveliest people pop by.
This is the perfect opportunity for me to say hello and thank you to Debbie Holmes, Susie Iles, brilliant facialist Chelsee Lewis, Eleanor Hudson, Julie Watts, Sharon Tullett, Emily Winmill, Hillary Walkington, Sophie Neve, Carol Hodge and Rose McKearney – there were many more but some didn’t want their pictures taken (modesty prevailed).
The team at Laura Mercier are all trained makeup artists so they gave great advice and makeovers – the best transformations on women who had undergone cancer treatment and were only just rediscovering long lost brows and lashes. This meant that I too discovered the lash thickening trick of Laura’s signature Tightline – a clever intense pigment liner that goes up under the lash line and creates the appearance of thicker, darker lashes in seconds. Brilliant.
While we were at Selfridges Elizabeth Hurley popped by to do a personal appearance, looking uber glam. It was the night before she got engaged so instead of SW (as she calls Shane Warne on Twitter) she brought along her son Damian, who dutifully held her clutch whilst she posed for pictures.
She really is the perfect ambassador for Estee Lauder and their brilliant Breast Cancer Care initiative; intelligent, articulate and always willing to have her picture taken with a fan.
I wanted to share some pictures of my lovely readers – and a final HUGE THANK YOU to the Selfridges team including Jayne, David and Barbie and the all important Laura Mercier artists and managers Hannah, Mel, Sara, Aisha, Kaysee and Frank.

Going For Gold


I am writing a piece on molten metallic beauty for Hello! and I came across this fabulous nail polish from OPI. Now you know that I rarely blog about products but, whilst waiting for some emails, I decided to try it out (which, to be honest, means no base coat, no prep and no top coat; just a couple of sly coats) and guess what? It is the easiest, chicest, sleekest and quickest way to on trend neat professional finish nails that I know of right now. It makes a great alternative to my usual classic, albeit boring, pale pink and creamy shades.

Strangely enough it is part of a Muppets Holiday Collection from OPI (yes really) with other colours inspired by Gonzo, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Animal and Fozzie Bear. Beauty addicts out there will know that OPI are, without a doubt, the most fun nail brand, so trust them to create this season’s chicest shade from a range of mad puppets (sorry Muppets)


·         OPI Designer de Better £12.75, will be available later this year, visit lenawhite.co.uk


My Date With Hugh Laurie




In case you haven’t heard the news Hugh Laurie is the new face of L’Oreal. Yes this means that he joins Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker, Eva Longoria, Cheryl Cole ... the list goes on. Why, you might ask, would a crinkled 52 year old Brit be the face of a new men’s skin care cream?  Because, in a stroke of marketing and advertising genius, L’Oreal have realised that he can charm the world into buying an anti ageing moisturiser, just like he charmed every beauty editor last night at The Savoy.




Ok, at this point I can admit that I technically wasn’t on a ‘date’ with Hugh, well not unless you call being in a room of fifty adoring members of the UK press together with Hugh a date. But a girl can dream, can’t she? He was utterly adorable, like a charming, well mannered but fiercely intelligent puppy dog – and yes I did want to take him home.




He took to the stage mumbling an apology about how ridiculous it was that he should be modelling a face cream, and then looked up and with aplomb and confidence won over every single person in the room. That’s real X factor for you. And that’s what L’Oreal has tapped in to, and it really is very, very clever of them.


Take a look at the ad; it’s funny, self effacing, charming, and witty, self deprecating but also searingly clever – just like the man himself. I wonder how much input he had into the concept? Because, in my opinion, very few cosmetics companies are confident enough to gently to poke fun at their own industry. Yet this ad is so brilliantly self aware that it subverts the whole genre of ‘buy this cream and your life will be fabulous’ men’s cosmetics ads.





And guess what – no airbrushing of that wonderfully craggy and sexy face? So I say three cheers to L’Oreal and raise a glass to Hugh Laurie – now please L’Oreal, sign Helen Mirren and do the same thing for women of a certain age the world over.


·         L’Oreal Men Expert Vita Lift Complete Anti Ageing Daily Moisturiser £12.99.


The Power Of Peroxide

I remember the first time that I discovered the power of peroxide. I was thirteen and an ungainly 5’10” and my best friends were all 5’3” curvy and cool, hanging out by the bike sheds pretending to smoke in their Dolcis platform shoes. They were also brunette and, where once I was blonde as a child, I was back then horribly mousey. Needless to say that I was the last to ever be asked to dance at the local disco, so I hung around pretending not to care whilst developing a sense of humour to wear as a shield. That is until I discovered Clairol Born Blonde (queue the sound of angels from above, as the sky opens and a beam of light shines down on my head). Overnight I became popular. I wasn’t any shorter, or any curvier, but I was most definitely blonder.


Today I am still blonde and will be to my dye-ing day (sorry), which means that I am constantly in search of the world’s best colourists. I have passed through the hallowed halls of Daniel Galvin, Jo Hansford, David Adams at Aveda and Benna at John Frieda  (I am talking serious talent here) and was never happier than in the hands of Shaun Pulfrey, who selfishly gave up his tinting brush to create Tangle Teezer (bitter, me?).


Finding the perfect colourists is far far far more important than finding the perfect facialist, hairstylist or personal trainer – you can’t hide a bad head of highlights, a tint turned orange or a khaki root retouch. And you cannot beat the feeling of leaving a talented tinter with a perfect head of hair.


This brings me to my two trusted salons now. Josh Wood the incredible talent behind the hair colour of Laura Bailey, Daphne Guinness, Cat Deeley (when she is in the UK), Elle McPherson and Madonna (again when in London) has opened up an Atelier. So in demand is this man that his clients will send a PJ to fly him to St Barts and he once got on a plane to discover a Picasso staring back at him (and that was before he even stepped foot on to the gilded  yacht that was to greet him).


Josh has gathered an elite team of great colourists and stylists at his new Notting Hill HQ, but I warn you the wait list is long and hard to even join. This is why I am also a huge fan of the four talented women at Four; all Jo Hansford trained and with over 60 years of experience between them, you know you are in safe hands. Just recently Brooke rescued my sun parched and over blonde hair so that I could show my face again in public. She painted back long forgotten roots and made my hair sparkle again.


But as I rarely trust anyone else to stand within twenty feet of me with a tinting brush, I took to Twitter to ask for your nationwide recommendations. After all a personal recommendation is priceless.


Here’s what you said.

·         Linda Land recommends Simon Currier at Harvey Nichols Urban Retreat in Manchester.

·         Grace Timothy has heard good things about Oliver Blackaby at HM Hair in Brighton.

·         Lots of you love Lisa Shepherd, award winning and based in London and Birmingham.

·         Lisa Jacobs cites Anita at CoxMcMillan in London

·         Lauren Martin says that Chris Williams at Rush Edinburgh is talented and fun to talk to too.

·         Kachela Murray says that Andrew Mulvenna at the Metrospa in Belfast is fab.

·         Alexandra Tandy says go to Michelle Lawley the Colour Director at Royston Blythe in Wolverhampton

·         Debbie Bhowmik recommends Lisa at Toni & Guy in York

·         Rachael Grieve says that Gary Hooker and Michael Young at Hooker & Young Newcastle are award winning and rightly so.

·         Katharine Paterson agrees with me and says look out for Nicola Clarke, Cetera and Carmel at John Frieda London. I would add to that list Benna who is brilliant.

·         Persephone likes Nathan Walker at Trevor Sorbie London.

·         I would also like to highly recommend Bantika Elsley and Debbie Bhowmik at Haris and Tony at Real all in London and, although she’s never coloured my hair,  I have heard really good things about Sibi Bolan at Hersheson at Harvey Nichols London


But I still want you to add more names to that list ... all suggestions and recommendations welcome.


·         Josh Wood at Atelier Josh Wood www.joshwoodcolour.com tel: 0207 384 9007

·         Four visit www.fourlondon.com tel: 0207 297 9600.




HAPPY 125th Birthday Avon




Will BBs Be Your New BFF?


If you don’t know your beauty acronyms then get on board because BB’s are about to blow up big in beauty. BB stands for Blemish Balm, that, beauty rumour dictates, were originally formulated back in the 1970’s by Dr Christine Schrammekit to be used by dermatologists to help laser surgery patients protect, soothe and refine highly sensitive skin while providing light coverage for post-laser scars, acne and other blemishes. (Although the same was said about mineral make-up back in the day)


So why are they suddenly so popular now? Because they have taken Asia by storm, where they are usually very white and help to lighten and brighten tan phobic locals who crave, pale, porcelain white, flawless faces. Global beauty companies, quick to see a marketing opportunity have now reworked them, adding pigments to suit western skin tones and are selling them as the new one size fits all cosmetic/foundation/skin care miracle.


The truth is that BB creams come in a variety of different formulations and with a range of active ingredients. Some are said to have skin whitening and brightening properties, some aim to be anti blemish, some are anti-wrinkle, some are anti age spot, some even claim to reduce scars (the jury is very much out on that one). What is for sure is that all are formulated to be a one stop skin shop. In other words they replace your serum, primer, sun block and foundation. Which, to be really frank, is the real USP here. In a world laid low by recession, teetering on the verge of a double dip, these creams are really formulated to help save you money.


My advice though is to choose carefully. Now that I am finally on Twitter (yes I know, I know shame on me for joining so late) I have realised that women are confused by BB creams; but that’s because they are confusing. They are not a one size fits all cream, because no two skins are alike. So choose with care, try before you buy and make sure that you are a clever consumer. Choose one that suits your skin needs and will tackle your skin concerns. And beware some give really heavy coverage, others super light. In the end I think these will suit, oddly enough, two ends of the foundation fan spectrum; those that love a tinted moisturiser but want it to have skin care properties and those that love a heavy, long lasting anti oil cover up.


What I suspect is that many beauty brands saw the huge demand for the whitening/brightening BB products in Asia, caught on to the incredible success and cult icon status of products like Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser, Dr Perricone SPF30 No Foundation Foundation and Chantecaille Real Skin and Future Skin, saw their sales fall because women have less to spend on layering products, and thought ‘Hey we can solve the problem by creating a single product solution?


Here’s what has already hit UK stores – but be warned none of these come in an array of colours suitable for black skins. Keep an eye out for more coming in 2012 from Estee Lauder, Clinique, Maybelline, Vichy and Lancome.

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream £9.99, is now on boots.com and at Superdrug



Une Intuitive Touch BB Cream £14.49, but this has no spf and is more of a cream compact foundation

MAC Prep + Prime BB Cream £21, MacCosmetics is more of a super lightweight, softly tinted primer, but gives great radiance to the skin.